Third Day Encounter Church - Encountering The Creator Together
      Our Saturday gathering starts with a time of praise and worship, which will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His direction.  We will welcome the gifts of the spirit, and grow together in our understanding of them. As I study the word of God I see only one model for the ministry of Jesus.  Come and find out what that will look like. Some things are better caught than taught.  0ur desire is to host the Holy Spirit and minister in His power.  We seek to be biblically correct in our doctrine, while at the same time keeping a teachable childlike spirit so that we don't become too smart for the Holy Spirit.

  This is all based upon a biblical understanding of growing in the Knowledge of God through His word, worship, experiencing His leadership and presence of the Holy Spirit. 

  Those who are led by the Spirit, these are the Sons and daughters of God. (Romans 8:14.)

  Bring Your beach chair and instrument, flags, streamers welcome. Worshippers and intercessors, hungry hearts.

  Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and teachers.  The ministry of all believers as well.
We believe in the priesthood of all believers.
True ministry is birthed out of relationship come and see if this will be your place to grow.



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